• Portland, Maine

April 8 - 9, 2016

Dinner Lecture: April 8, 2016 from 6:30pm - 9pm
Temper, Temper... Loving Your Liver for Deep Healing 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver governs a woman's body as well as influences men's prostate health. Stagnation in the liver leads to a host of health issues including: hot flashes heat in the body, irregular and painful menstruation, PMS, fibroids, breast health issues, eye problems, headaches, joint pain, irritability and many other common health concerns in modern society.

Warren will discuss: how to diagnose liver health, lifestyle factors to support the liver and specific food and natural remedies which nourish this vital organ. Your liver will be happy you attended this class!

Lisa Silverman will prepare a delicious macrobiotic meal from soup to dessert and Warren will lecture after dinner.

Cooking Class: April 9, 2016 from 10:00am - 1pm

Sensational Spring Cooking to Support Your Liver 

As the warmer weather approaches and Spring is around the corner, it is the best time to start making adjustments to prepare for the change.

These adjustments are what build a strong immune system as they help us adapt to the environment. Warren will discuss food selection, seasonings, cooking and cutting styles and many other aspects that support us this time of year. We will even look at how to support the liver which Is "cleaning" out during the Spring. A delicious full meal will be served and recipes provided

Cost for dinner lecture and cooking class before April 1st $90
$50 each taken separately
$100 after the April 1st, 2016
Call or email Lisa To register: mainemacro@gmail.com

Warren is available for consultations over the weekend. 

Please call or message Lisa for an appointment. 207-233-6846

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Warren Kramer is an internationally recognized macrobiotic counselor, educator and cooking instructor. For the past 23 years, he has studied and lived the macrobiotic way of life. Warren teaches the macrobiotic approach to health and wellness, including principles of food selection and preparation, exercise, work and personal relationships.

Guiding others to strengthen or recover their health is an incredibly rewarding experience. As a macrobiotic health counselor, Warren has gained extensive experience in doing just that on a daily basis. Individuals seek health consultations with Warren for a wide variety of reasons ranging from recovering from a life-threatening illness to improving their general health even though no specific medical problems exist. The Macrobiotic approach has a proven track record in helping to manage or eliminate an array of health challenges from weight loss and fatigue to diabetes and cancer.

For more than 10 years Warren had the unique opportunity to work on a daily basis with Michio Kushi, the most established and recognized leader of Macrobiotics throughout the world. As Michio’s assistant, Warren helped guide thousands of people with a myriad of health concerns. In addition, Warren spent 6 years traveling extensively throughout the world, teaching cooking in individual households and assisting people in the recovery of their health.

Warren maintains an active counseling practice in Brighton, MA.